Alternative Investment Network (Alts)
Alternative Investment Network (Alts)

Gaps In Your Plans
​Can be very expensive. 
​What you know—what you don't...

What Our Lives Are About
You and your family and living fully. 

We begin with with conversation.
You may have a pretty good plan. 
Contracts, policies and accounts may just need a review.

You may be far along in a plan, that you cannot reverse it.
In any case... 
Life is full of unexpected change.

What we CAN do is discuss the changes you know about.
Open new possibilities or update a plan.
We often revisit the initial business start-up.
(What's good, not right, can still be addressed?)
We can offer professional collaborations that are cohesive with your real needs.
These are where we excel.

And you could be safeguarding your business, multiple assets & your life legacy.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens' children,
But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.
Proverbs 13:22 (NIV)

May We Call A Huddle?​

Your story and business come to us by referral. 

Our capability is based on our integrity for your peace of mind.

Ours is a savvy team of professionals who thrive on designing
and developing lasting solutions. We remove the weight from
your shoulders and put it on a well-devised and monitored plan—to grow.
Your satisfaction is our reward—we hope you will become a colleague.

 The rate of financial change today—is really fast.
Even the best professionals struggle to keep up. 
Their focus may me very sharp—to their credit, they stay in their lane. 
We bring designs, connections and approaches and skills that we share. 
These are proven ideas that refine their
work—and strengthen your results. 

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. 
There is a very great distinction because when you
are planning for an emergency you must start with this
 one thing: the very definition of “emergency” is that it is
unexpected, therefore it is not going to happen
the way you are planning. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower (November 1957)

About Robert Bailey

Why people listen to us

In 1998 I worked in the foundations, pensions, and the endowment industry—institutional investors. What I learned really interested, but also amazed me. It was not all-right. I wrote a book about it—for the individuals who were being hurt by vast, sweeping financial decisions. Others saw what I saw. Some of these changed careers and improved products for long-term business and individual financial security. Us? We value a simple ethic: If the product is not good for the client—we do not recommend it. Our yardstick is that clear.

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Why—I believe it's never too late...
What you want your life and career still counts. Maybe now more than ever.

I started out this page talking about your original goals. Life has a way to pulling us away from those. And most of us... would still choose to get back to our original enthusiasm, those hopes and dreams... I have been very blessed. My goal is to share what I have learned about personal re-invention and business protection—with as many people as I can.

Want to see something cool?

Thought Leader. Interview (2019)

Client Coaching Tape (Winter 2021)

Over 150 Products Reviewed

Over 22 Years Direct Experience

3 Awards

Who Am I?

I live and work in West Palm Beach. I have clients in several states
with a concentration in southeastern US and south Florida. My formal networks
extend my practice capacity to New York and other 
We do not work in California.

My strategic partners are the best in their field.
This is a direct benefit to clients. 

After college I lived in Washington, DC where I earned an MA
in Journalism. When I moved to New York City, I went back to
school—obtaining a special certificate in Finance from the
Wharton School [not an MBA!] A broad base of friends led me to
the opportunity to be a field producer at Woodstock '94 (Woodstock II—fun... stories.)
I founded the New York City Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation (work but great).
And yes—I surf. Or did. In HB.
Many years ago now...

Today I am the Chairman of the Salvation Army Board for Palm Beach County.

Rob with Bill Mikus, The Pelican Club in Jupiter for a recent Salvation Army of Palm Beach County event. We were sharing the same team-of- teams concept with nearly 100 area non-profits. Bill is the recent Chairman and I was the Vice Chairman in this photo. I was appointed Chairman in January 2023.

                     Robert Bailey
​               Managing Partner
         Trusted Advisory/Parallax

Teddy and I have enjoyed a getaway a few times—just over the border in Georgia. We like to change up what we do. This was not a photo- op.We had been cantering along the beach. You might see the dolphins in the background that followed us. Special day.


Good to work with... Karen LaFrance 

You were so good to work with. You were so patient with all my "stupid" questions.
What I liked the most was that you never made me feel like they were "stupid" questions.
You always explained everything to me thoroughly and in layman's terms.
In the end I feel so much better & secured for the future!

Keen sense... Bryan Paton